Dear clients,

After the success of our first OCEAN exhibition, La Loggia by Garbarino has chosen to take you on a journey through its new theme dedicated to the arts of Japan.
This new staging bears the name of REIWA, in reference to the current era given by the new emperor. Meaning “beautiful harmony”, this new chapter illustrates our desire to highlight artistic know-how from different periods in a harmonious scenography.

In our sleek and elegant showroom, renovated for the occasion, it will be possible to discover arts and crafts from the shogunate to nowadays: authentic “Yoroï” ceremonial armor, “Byobu” screens in gold leaf, and original Kakemonos for the strongest pieces. But also “Hibachi”, “Hanakago” (woven bamboo baskets) hosting typical floral arrangements called “Ikebana”, and magnificent lacquered boxes with gold leaf inserts “Jubako”, as well as an inkwell for calligraphy called “Suzuri-bako”.

From November 1st to February 28th 2022, it will be possible to travel to the rhythm of Japan through works of art and crafts, without forgetting the selection of books on the theme offered by the Masséna bookstore, the literary partner of the La Loggia by Garbarino. The history of the tea ceremony will be told there and all the objects associated with it will be put on display. And if you have any gifts to make, they will be wrapped in beautifully chosen Furoshiki fabrics, using the Japanese wrapping technique. All without forgetting the Visionary Home Philosophy and Garbarino Collections furniture as a common thread.

Let’s meet at 40 Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco to discover the REIWA exhibition, until February the 28th 2022.