Hanakago is a Japanese term meaning ‘baskets of flowers’ which are made according to the Japanese technique of weaving bamboo which is a fundamental art of its own. They are used in Ikebana and Tea Ceremonies alike. Ikebana meaning ‘ the way of the flowers’ or ‘the art of bringing flowers to life‘ is a Japanese tradition based on floral composition

Unlike western ones the Japanese tradition strives to create harmony of line, rhythm and colour. In western compositions the importance is quantity and colour of the flowers but in Japanese arrangement the accent is on line which implies the necessity for vases, leaves and branches and not just the flowers. Three main thoughts symbolize their compositions: sky, earth and humanity through the three pillars of asymmetry, space and depth.

Many Ikebana floral schools in Japan display different styles and tendencies in their work

To view / acquire at the showroom at 40 Boulevard des Moulins in Monaco. Details available in the exhibition catalogue.