Born in Monaco, Florian Gruet spent most of his time on the shores of the Mediterranean. Fascinated by the latter, he quickly fell head over heels in love: its colors, its shapes, its moods and its emotions. He loves water intrinsically: currents, waves, on the surface and at depth.

Passionate about photography and more particularly by using old cameras, it is by putting a waterproof cover on his SLR that he decides to capture the big blue in images. Equipped with its Canon and its 24mm lens, it scours the surf spots in the region, capturing the overlaps of movements. His vision of the Mediterranean immediately seduced and the growing enthusiasm for his photos enabled him to win numerous competitions.

His passion then becomes his daily life and Florian decides to capture the ocean in images. With the objective, he travels through moods and whims, outbursts and pleasures. The secret: patience and observation … and catching the momentum. Lock the liquid in the lens without ever freezing it. Keep it real and flexible.

With his partner Myriam, he traveled the French coasts to capture images of unknown aquatic universes made even more precious by his talent as a photographer. Recently installed on the Breton coast, he opens a new chapter in his career by photographing the colors and lights so particular to this part of France. He has since won numerous aquatic photography awards.

On the occasion of the Ocean exhibition, Florian Gruet said “yes” to his friend David Garbarino to present some prints of the sea. Real works of art that do not belong to any current other than that of the sea…