Like the color of his eyes, like the sea where he grew up in Monaco, blue is Alexis Giannotti’s favorite color. Blue like the thread that remained hanging on his great-grandmother’s sewing machine, which sits in the window of his Monaco workshop. An electric and lively blue being the brand identity of his Monegasque textile company. Alexis creates eco-responsible fine knit clothing that are made to last. Sustainability is indeed an important lever in the fight against pollution. His fine meshes are worked by expert hands used to work for major luxury brands. They are mainly made from organic materials and certified by the textile sector. The materials chosen are both comfortable and positive for the environmental impact. This is the case with recycled cashmere or superfine Merino wool (easy to maintain and machine washable).

In order to have a 360° eco-responsible approach, Giannotti’s collections are also geared towards fairer fashion and less greedy in “virgin” fibers. As such, 50% of the meshes are spun with innovative game-changing fibers such as those made from post-consumer recycled coffee, and therefore derived from its grounds. They are made in 3D to reduce by 99% the scraps and other waste generated by the cutting of traditional panels, thus limiting the number of transfers from one workshop to another. Finally, they are strong and resilient since they do not deform.

Giannotti knits are intended to be timeless and yet very contemporary: crew necks (extremely strong) and vintage designer cuts. Without forgetting the colors. Sustained, luminous and fascinating blues, like so many variations of the sea depending on the light of day or night. To be worn casually, Giannotti brand sweaters are an absolute mark of elegance in all circumstances.