Born in Boulogne-Billancourt on June 22, 1982, Nicolas was quickly rocked by surrealism. From auction rooms to flea markets, including antique shops, he has never ceased to search for materials for his creation: to assemble various objects with its own vision. His way to pay tribute to Arte Povera: to make insignificant objects meaningful ones.

As a student in art history at the IESA and at the Ecole du Louvre, he worked for the gallery owner Jacques Lacotse. He embarked then on a trip to Peru where he deepened his knowledge in his favorite field: the primitive, the crude and naive. Nicolas then spent two years with the antique dealer and art dealer Jacques Vervoodt, and from 2004 to 2007 assisted the auctioneer Maître Binoche in the organization of primitive art sales. The opportunity for him to enrich his collection of ancient art.

In 2008 he opened an art gallery where he mixed works of art, furniture and curiosities. An eclectic and daring choice, always alongside a sure eye. Self-taught artist, he imagines a creative universe taking place in a scenography where ancient, rare or precious objects or even traditional, organic and intimate objects interact. Take the time to chat for a moment with Nicolas Lefebvre to discover, behind the romantic image of an artist close to nature, an urban man who retains a very controlled measure of the artist.

His art, to be understood as divine, is wise and benevolent. No artistic hubris, but a message of love. The combination of the pieces he assembles proves it. From two harmless objects was born a serene and lasting work. His works are the testimony of this peaceful process and bear the name of Mother Goddesses. In his hands, matter no longer knows any time or space barriers, and symbolizes the union between civilizations through a peace dialogue. Utopian assumed, this is how Nicolas Lefebvre dreams of bringing the world together.

Capable of works rich in detail offered by nature itself, he also creates monumental works. From the infinitely small to the infinitely large, they are conceived to occupy any kind of space, private or public. A way to bring extra soul to homes filled with emptiness or uselessness.

On the occasion of the Ocean theme, Nicolas Lefebvre agreed to accompany the concept store La Loggia with works crafted for the occasion, including a meaningful totemic work.

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