Because there are no “seas” but one global Ocean which we all depend on, David Garbarino wishes, through art and design, to contribute to the message for its preservation. As a competitive freediver, he wanted to raise awareness in the Principality, where the commitment to nature, the environment and particularly the ocean, is very strong. Following Monaco Ocean Week, and around the World Oceans Day, LA LOGGIA concept store will present “OCEAN” from April 15th to July 15th, 2021.

For nearly three months, LA LOGGIA will serve as a showcase for artwork, limited photographic prints, decorative objects, literary works, floral arrangements, and ready-to-wear from designers strongly inspired by the maritime world. Besides the exhibition, it will be possible to meet artists, designers and creative minds who have taken an artistic and activist interest in the sea. Join us at 40 Boulevard des Moulins, in Monaco to share conversations and discoveries.

The Ocean will be honored by personalities from the world of sport, design and art. Among them, it will be possible to discover the work of:

  • The artist Nicolas Lefebvre, showcasing his “premier arts”, revalorizing waste from the marine environment, in particular.
  • The artist Jérémy Gobé, committed to the protection of corals
  • The photographer Greg Lecoeur and freediver Guillaume Nery narrating their expedition and related photography book “Antarctica”,
  • The Visionnaire furniture brand, with an highlight on its corals porcelains and marine animal painted with Murano glass, mother-of-pearl as well as Swarovski crystals,
  • The photographer Florian Gruet showcasing his artistic photo prints focusing on the “water” element in the Mediterranean,
  • The eco-responsible brand Giannotti, creating fine knits made from plant fibers,
  • The Massena Bookstore and its selection of books surrounding the Ocean theme,
  • The 209 Mare beachwear brand, displaying is 2021 collection of terrycloth clothing.

As Monaco Ocean’s Week concludes and as a prelude to the World Oceans Day on June 8th, LA LOGGIA by GARBARINO will open a window on the ocean for several weeks and allow you to discover its unsuspected treasures.