Visual artist, Jérémy Gobé creates meaningful beauty based on the living beings. In an environment constantly polluted, and where this latter frightens the regeneration work of nature, he creates art that invites to reconnect with nature. By drawing inspiration from ancient know-how, he imagines global solutions to contemporary issues. With Corail Artefact, he creates an art-science-education project to save the coral reefs. The objective of its approach: regenerate coral reefs, replace plastic containers, raise awareness and educate.

After having extended sea urchin and coral skeletons with knitting, reworking new hybrid objects, the artist set out to restore the Australian Great Barrier Reef which, due to global warming, loses its symbiotic microalgae, bleaches and weakens. Himself from Cambrai, famous for its lace, Jérémy Gobé imagines to wrap the corals in this finely crafted fabric. The latter thus provides a support compatible with coral structures, again allowing algae and polyps to settle, nourishing the coral, giving it its color, and regenerating the barrier, a world heritage gem.

Like nature, Jérémy Gobé’s work is an act of creation that wants to exist beyond the ages. To create, preserve but also transmit. On this matter, he initiated educational workshops to educate young people about nature conservation. A demirugic work for a being all in humility, at the service of nature which carries us every day. A beautiful meeting. A message to follow.

Jérémy Gobé received in 2020 the International Prize for Art under the Sea awarded by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, under the honorary presidency of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

On the occasion of the Oceans exhibition, Jérémy Gobé offers a selection of works around Coral. Objects filled with poetry and life, exclusively at La Loggia by Garbarino.