In a time where great flows of travel are interrupted, many adventures are still possible. It is in this spirit of openness to the world, and more particularly to the world of design, that a new concept store will soon open its doors in the Principality of Monaco.

Typical Mediterranean architectural space recognizable by its arches, in an environment of life and connection, a “loggia” is an essential addition to the most prestigious buildings. In the days of the Silk Road, merchants settled there to trade in precious items and materials. It is this open and collaborative universe that the GARBARINO house has imagined to welcome major Italian design houses and internationally renowned artists.

For almost 40 years, Adriano Garbarino established himself as an interior designer, furniture designer and decorator in Monaco. It is with this 360° expertise that one of his sons, David, accompanies him in the development of the family business. The idea: to highlight the multiplicity of know-how, the culture of craftsmanship and the richness of meetings. Make the GARBARINO house the melting pot of diverse geographical and professional cultures around themes rich in history.

In the airy and distinguished volumes of our Monegasque showroom as well as under the stone vault and opulent alcoves in the basement, discover the contemporary or earlier work of artists and designers of all kinds. Coming from all parts of the world, these artists will offer a personal and edgy look to make your interior come to life. And this occurs by decorating its walls with paintings and photographs, of occupying a space with a floral piece or a sculpture, listening to music or watching a film, traveling through a book, without forgetting to opt for an elegant and comfortable style. Painters, sculptors, photographers, adventurers, booksellers… those will be the people you will connect with during the opening of La Loggia.

The designers and their work will be the protagonists of multiple stories that will be told through different themes throughout the year. A different theme will be honored every quarter. To begin this adventure, we will celebrate the Ocean, a universe dear to David Garbarino, himself a free-diver, and especially to the Principality of Monaco, which vows for its protection. The following theme will honor Japan, the focal point of our September exhibition. A country for which Adriano Garbarino has shared much of his attachment in his achievements as an interior designer and decorator. And to close the year, we will be announcing a secret theme surrounding Latin American culture.

LALOGGIA by GARBARINO is a place dedicated to lovers of design looking for the perfect gift idea or discover their new passion for interior decoration. A creative, educational and evolving space that will open with the Ocean theme starting on April 15, 2021.