Hibachi or ‘fire bowl ‘is a traditional way of heating in Japan. A round cylindrical or box shaped container with an opening at the top, made of heat resistant material and used for burning incandescent charcoal.

The very first Hibachi were made from hollow Cyprus tree trunks and filled with clay. Within a short time they became more and more decorative and often with lacquered or gold leaf finishes or other artistic embellishments.

These in turn were replaced by stronger materials such as metal andceramic and became fashionable too. Firstly used by the Samurai or wealthy aristocrats they eventually reached other classes.

These through time were replaced by oil burning ones and are today used as decorative free standing decorative objects. Beautifully intricate and ornate in design and material they can be used as elegant plant holders and would embellish any Asian floral composition…or not.