“ You see things and you say: "Why?".
I dream things that never where and say: "Why not?"
George Bernard Shaw

A designer story's

Adriano Garbarino is a multifaceted creative animated by the love for his job.

Born in 1947 near the famous Portofino, he spent all his childhood in this idyllic setting. He graduated in 1968 major of his promotion to the university of the Fine Arts of Florence, following mainly a sculptor formation. He later became a drawing teacher for some time before returning to Portofino and be recruited in a local architecture firm.

At the end of the 70s, he seized the opportunity to open his own architecture firm in the Principality of Monaco.

Working initially mainly on the French Riviera, he quickly deploys teams in Dubai and Marrakech following his travels and meeting people.

Many years of experience as an interior designer throughout Europe, United States, Russia, Middle East and Asia has led him to develop a style able to combine his aesthetic taste to the most demanding and sophisticated requests from all over the world. All his creations, from the eclectic to the classic inspiration ones, made him well known in the international scene, where he has been present for more than 40 years.

His education is based on passion for travel and unconditional love for art, especially for the Renaissance’s one. With the same trial he saw in these elements, he looked at his work and outlined the corporate soul which always looks forward to new things, different cultures and lesser-known traditions: that's how research and practice become the basis for a creative work in which the practicality of the artist and designer coincide and relive every day.

It is, therefore, a handed down passion that animates the company and relive today through new projects designed to grow over time.

In parallel, his natural inclination for creativity and art, along with constructive and invention skills, led him then to take the decision of consolidating all its productions and propose them to the market through the "GARBARINO" company, a very large portfolio of various creations, still joined by a great quality in terms of style and materials.

This adventure began in 1995 with the launch of the ECLECTICA carpet collection, quickly incorporated into the catalog of ROCHE BOBOIS, before becoming independent. In 2012, he decided to launch GARBARINO's furniture collection, which quickly had a tremendous success.

Today, the brand is proposed by many architects, interiors designers and showrooms whether in Asia, Middle East, Europe or Americas.

Within this website, you will find a wide portfolio of creations, always driven by the attention to detail and quality both in terms of style and choice of materials.